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Terry Freedman

Terry Freedman

I’m an independent education consultant and freelance writer. My work is mainly centred on offering independent advice in education technology and related matters, especially Computing and ICT in education, and providing writing services related to these areas. My credentials for doing this work are, in summary:

  • 22 years spent in the classroom, including as Head of Department.

  • Work as an ICT advisor in a London Local Authority.

  • Ofsted inspector for ICT and Business Studies.

  • Head of E-Education in a large London Local Authority.

  • Principal Officer for ICT at the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

  • Committee member of the Association for Information Technology in Education.

  • Committee member of the Technology, Pedagogy and Education Association.

  • Published author in magazines and of books since 1989.

  • Committee member of the Society of Authors.

For a much fuller picture, please see the ‘About’ page on this website.

I am able to work with individuals, departments, schools, LAs and MATs.

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I am accredited by the UK's National STEM Learning Centre: